Over 50 Newsletter Subscribers In Less Than 24 Hours

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Over 50 Newsletter Subscribers In Less Than 24 Hours

We have started Profit-List.com less than 2 months ago.

The concept was to create a business directory, where internet marketers can add their websites and promote their products and services through articles.

We thought of a way that would help everybody involved: the businesses would get inbound links from us, social media signals, improve their keyword targeting, creating connections and many more and we were supposed to receive more and more traffic, with our members help. This would give them more exposure, too and we could grow together.

The strategies we have already started to implement should deliver at least three times more traffic to our members websites than they would get on their own.

There are a few simple rules to be followed, though but I am going to explain this in a future article.

What I want to talk about is that we have a free traffic training module for our newsletter subscribers 10 Sources of Free Traffic for Your Website. Our members receive 10 emails from us, one every 3-4 days, explaining how to use each one of them.

Some of them are the same sources responsible for the surprise we had today: Over 50 Subscribers to Our Newsletter in Less Than 24 Hours (actually, I am close to 60 at the time I am writing this article and there are still a few hours left from those 24, so I expect them to be over 70 by the end of the day).

I will come back in a few days to let you know how it goes.

Check out the print screen below:

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