6 Proven Ways to Fail Online


6 Proven Ways to Fail Online

I have been studying for quite a while the reasons for which loads of people are failing in achieving any kind of online success (even a small one). My findings are a bit different than the general belief.

It seems like there is a pattern that most of those who fail online are following:

1. Bad attitude/approach – this is how it all starts. You will notice that most of those who want to make money online are not looking to start a business but to simply change their job from the offline environment to the online one.

They still want a boss (even if they don’t admit that) to tell them what to do step by step and pay them a few pennies for their actions. This is a sure income but, in most of the cases, they’ll work a whole month to buy themselves a pair of shoes.

The main reasons why they would prefer this kind of arrangement are: fear of failure, lack of trust in their own abilities and commodity.

2. No action plan – which means ‘no goals’ or targets to reach. Some do wish to make a living online and would love to have their own internet business. They even imagine how their website would look like in its moments of glory, how happy their customers would be, they see themselves sitting on piles of money and driving expensive cars.

The only problem is that they don’t know where to start. It could be easy to go backwards from that imaginary moment and build a step by step development plan, but the success would seem so far away then and that would demotivate them.

So, they prefer not to do it at all but still hope that an opportunity will come one day to get them there (the easy way). Most of them will just keep dreaming for the rest of their life.

3. Take no action – this is considered by many the number one reason for failure and it is, indeed, a major one. It is very close to the previous point, the only difference being that writing down a plan of action makes them realize very clearly what waits ahead, if they take any action.

There is no success without hard work and taking risks and this just puts them off.

4. Lack of investment – this is pretty weird to me. You can find all these well educated people that struggling to do something online but… only as long as it is free.

They spent tonnes of money on colleges, universities and master’s degrees but, for some reason, they still won’t invest even $1 in their online business.

Free is alright sometimes but it takes very long until you see some results and this is a powerful demotivating factor.

5. Jumping from one business to another – this is perfectly understandable for someone who is just starting online. They test different types of businesses in order to decide which one is best for them.

But what about those that, after 1, 2 or 3 years online, are still trying out something new every week in their quest to find the golden goose?

In addition to that, I’ve seen there is a common practice to start 10 – 20 websites / businesses simultaneously. Why? It’s an enigma to me…

If they do not have enough knowledge, time and finances to promote one business, how can they take care of 20?

6. Cheating – some people, after repeatedly failing in their actions, quit all the common sense and try to take unorthodox shortcuts. This is what does the most damage, not only to them in particular, but to the whole online business environment in general.

Cheating can come in different forms: creating fake accounts to build a down-line or on paid to sign up offers, clicking your own Google AdWords ads, making fake promises to your buyers, buying Likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, spamming online groups or own mailing lists and so on.

I was wondering what would happen if these people would take all the time and energy they spend on dreaming, creating tens of websites, developing new cheating methods etc. and direct them towards building a genuine internet business.

But, I guess, we know the answer to that. We just have to pick any successful online marketer out there and have a look at their results.