About Us

About Us

Constantin Chris Ungureanu

“Once you understand the basics of Digital Marketing, how the systems work and why, the rest falls into place, naturally. You don’t need me or anyone else to guide your steps, anymore. But you need to understand the basics and get used to a way of thinking, first…”

– Chris Ungureanu, Owner @Profit-List.com


Thousands of new businesses are being started on the World Wide Web every day. Most of them fail lamentably before they even make their first dollar and there is a reason for that.

At Profit-List.com we put together a system that combines automatically all the important traffic sources online, to connect your business with the right audience in no time.

Profit List is NOT a new concept in online marketing and business advertising, but a plan of action that any digital marketer should follow with every new start-up.

It is something that most of the promoters agree with, but few put into practice. Its mission is to help the members reach their goals without all the head-ache that working alone involves.


We were planning for this since 2012 but we launched Profit-List.com in April, 2013 with a clear path to follow: since most of the internet marketers struggle in promoting their businesses in the “jungle” that the internet became, Profit List was supposed to come up with solutions. And it did.

We shortly managed to build a list of over 4,000 subscribers to our email Newsletter that were receiving our course “10 Free Powerful Traffic Sources”. The course was explaining in detail how to drive free quality traffic to a website, using simple actions. It has been a success and generated a lot of engagement. The information has been formatted as articles, in 2017 and shared publicly.

But it din’t last. Among others, in 2013 and 2014 we have brought into light a certain amount of scams, in our quest for a clean web. We argued any black-hat SEO practices or actions suggested by some so called “internet gurus”, that would have, in fact, made more damage than good on long run. All these led to our website being hacked at the beginning of 2015. Everything was lost…

Nothing happen until 2017, when, with help from Internet Archive Wayback Machine, we managed to recover some of the data and started rebuilding it.

A few examples of what Profit List can do for you

It is clear that back-links bring their own benefits when it comes to SEO. With Profit List you have not only one, but 2 easy methods to do just that. First, by adding your website and a description to their business directory and second, by submitting articles as guest to their blog. You are allowed to have an inbound link, anywhere in the body of the article.

You are also probably aware of the importance of social media signals for your website rankings (and not only). If you know what I am talking about, then you will appreciate this: all the articles and websites submitted to this program are promoted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, newsletters and more.

And it doesn’t stop here. We also have video and audio training modules, teaching you how to start an online business, how to build and optimise your website, how to get targeted traffic, how to convert, how to increase your earnings and so on.  Isn’t this great?

If you are interested in connecting with like-minded marketers, while promoting your business, create joint ventures and help each other, this is also something that can be done for a faster growth of your business.

Profit List also encourages its members to share their “colleagues’” posts, if they can see value in there and help the ones that need guidance.

Very often, the most active members receive rewards, like AdWords and Facebook campaigns, to promote their businesses.


SEO we will offer the search engines exactly what they would love to see at your website / blog: inbound links, social media signals, shares and more.

The social media strategies we are using will get your business promoted on all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, PinterestStumbleUpon, Digg, Tumblr, Reddit and more, even if you do not have any social media accounts opened.

We reward quality depending on the quality of the information and services you offer online, we will go even further by helping your business get more visibility than others, which means more visitors and a better income.

Very easy to set-up – all you need to do in filling up one of the one of our forms, Submit Article or Submit Website, and you’re good to go.

The free system we are using is unique and net superior to any other paid systems used online.

Check on our Training area to find out how to use our website for best results (rules and strategies).

What we need from you

We care about our members, visitors, fans and followers. Without them we wouldn’t exist.

That is why we need you to add only the best quality content you are able to offer. This will definitely help all the parties involved (you, us and our audience).

The great thing about internet marketing is that you can always find inexpensive ways to promote your business. It all depends on how open-minded you are and your desire to learn new things.

We follow a few simple rules here, at Profit-List.com, and we advise our members to do the same: do not spam, do not promote anything that has a great potential of being scam, help the fellow internet marketers when you can, be polite (no matter what) and push only the best quality content in front of the others.

We wish you all the success in the world!