Article Writing Competition


Article Writing Competition

The article writing competition will start on 1st of July 2013 and will last until 15th of July 2013. We want this writing contest to genuinely help all the participants whether they are the winners or not.

Read on to find out more about the benefits, prizes and regulations.

Why you should participate to our writing contest (this is for all the participants, winners or not)

–  You will be allowed to add a back link to your website, your blog or a referral link to a program that you promote and drive more traffic to it.

–  All the articles will be shared / promoted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. The best information will also be distributed through our newsletter.

–  The visitors are incentivized to share, rate and comment on your article.

–  It improves your SEO – inbound link from a blog post (with anchor text) and social media signals.

–  You get a chance to win one of the prizes that will definitely boost the traffic to their pages even more.

Writing competition prizes

There will be 3 winners on this writing contest and 5 prizes for the winners to choose from:

–  $15 into your PayPal account.

–  A promoted post on our Facebook page, promoting your article and, implicitly, your business (reaching 1500 to 2500 people interested in online business) .

–  A 250px x 250px banner on the right side of every article on our website for 2 weeks (similar to the ones you should be able to see right now). You will be able to promote anything you want, there, as long as it is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

–  3000 page views from various Traffic Exchange websites.

–  2 tweets / day for 7 days, promoting your business, from our Twitter account (you will have to supply the content).

Article writing contest regulations

Please go through the points below in order to understand how everything will work out:

–  You can submit up to 3 articles. Each article entry represents one chance to win.

–  The articles have to be written in English, using a correct grammar.

–  The articles have to be unique.

–  All articles must be submitted during the contest period (1st Jul 2013 to 15th Jul 2013).

–  The article must be 600 to 1200 words long.

–  A minimum 600px wide image (jpeg, png or gif) must be attached and sent with the article submission.

–  The subject of your article must be related to any of the following: online marketing, business, tutorials, SEO, tips and tricks, reviews, advertising, social media and so on.

–  The articles should not have an advertising nature. It has to offer value to the readers and improve their knowledge. However, you can use a couple of paragraphs in the end to promote your business, but it has to be relevant to the rest of the article.

–  There are several criteria to help us in deciding upon the winners: the value of the articles they have written (most important), the comments they received, the number of shares, the rating and so on.

–  Each participant will have to post at least one comment on other articles than his / her own.

Note: We do not accept articles promoting Big Idea Mastermind or Empower Network, as we do not want our image associated with any of the two (we apologize for any inconvenience).

The winners will be announced individually (by email) and publicly – on our Facebook page and business group, on Twitter and in a comment below this article.

After the winners are announced, each of them will have to choose one of the prizes available, presented in the previous chapter. The winner on the first place will have to contact us and let us know about his choice. The winner on the second place will have to contact as with 2 choices of prizes (most wanted and a second option, in case that the first option is not available due to the fact that the winner on the first place redeemed it). The winner on the third place will have to contact us with 3 options (most wanted, second option and third option – if the most wanted prize is redeemed, we will go to option two; if this is not available, we will offer the prize mentioned in the third choice).

It may be a good idea to ask others to read your article and comment, share and / or rate it.

This is the first article writing competition that we organize. If everything goes well, we will have more and bigger prizes.

So, we count on your help :) .

Please Contact Us for any extra information you may require.

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Good luck!