What Is the Best Social Media Network to Use for My Business?

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What Is the Best Social Media Network to Use for My Business?

If you ask most of the internet marketers, you may expect one of the following two answers:

“You definitely have to have Facebook and Twitter! The others are less important.” or “There is no such thing as a good or bad network, but the way you use it.”

Let’s now have a look on each affirmation:

A while ago, I asked the members of a business group on LinkedIn that if they had to use only one social media network to promote their businesses, what that would be.

The answers have been a bit different than I expected. I was almost certain that there would be Facebook on top, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+ and so on.

Well… Surprise, surprise! Nobody voted for Twitter. From about 45 votes, Facebook got first, YouTube and LinkedIn after, followed by Pinterest and Google+. Twitter got last with 0 (zero) votes.

Regarding the second affirmation, I would believe that there is more truth in it. It depends on what to expect from each social network. Here is how I look at them:

  • Facebook – great at targeting, using paid campaigns. I have very good results with it.
  • Pinterest – great at sharing and SEO. One of my websites doesn’t get on Google’s first page for certain keywords, but the Pinterest account linked to it does.
  • LinkedIn – better than others in B2B promotions, but I am quite disappointed in the results I’ve had with their paid campaigns.
  • YouTube and Google+ well… Google is quite forcing our hand with them (in my opinion) as there are some better networks out there. Anyway, they are great to have. YouTube sends me some good, targeted traffic.
  • Twitter – a bit time consuming, as you have to post quite often to see results. This can be improved by attracting targeted followers – check my article A Simple Method to Get Several Hundred Targeted Twitter Followers Every Week.

In conclusion, I may say that, even if social media strategies are based on likes, sharing and following, at a higher level you should find the best way to make them work together. They are different pieces of the same system that, next to your website or blog, pushes your business forward.