Finding Your “WHY”

Finding Your Why

Finding Your “WHY”

It is a fact that 98% of the people that start an online business fail. So what is it that the other 2% have, and the others dont?

Any business requires some sort of investment. It needs time, determination, passion and sometimes… money.

But, most of the people are not willing to invest any of those. Well, not if they dont have a strong MOTIVATION.

This is their WHY, the reason of their very own existence.

To create an online business may seem to be difficult. But it is far harder to continue, to keep on going.

Even if the results will not show up immediately, they will eventually come.  Nobody got rich without taking action and obviously it did not happen overnight.

And if you find your WHY, you cannot fail. It won’t allow you.

And every single person has it.

For some, it can be buying a house or offering their children high education.  For others, buying a boat and sail around the world or build an orphanage.

Without motivation, were just travelers in the middle of the desert without a compass. The WHY is the only tool you need. It will show you the way to follow, it will give you direction. No compass, and youre just going around in circles, never finding a way out.

Once youve got your motivation, the others will come. Youll give your online business all the time, passion and determination it needs.

In return, it will give you a perspective and will insure your success. You know it will pay off and every investment you make will bring you closer to your goal.

So find your WHY, fight for it and become one of the 2%!