My Huge Surprise from Legacy Team (Honey, Im Home! :))


My Huge Surprise from Legacy Team (Honey, Im Home! :))

I did a lot of thinking the last few days Because sometimes, when you least expect it, something really great happens,
something that shows you that hard work, passion and commitment DO pay off.

But Ill tell you what Im talking about, as I want the whole world to know! :)

On Friday, 21st of February, I was made part of a dream Marcus, Ken and Rodney, my Legacy musketeers as I call them, have offered me half of the ownership of Social Ad Surf, one of the 3 traffic exchange sites, or advertising platforms as we like to call them, owned by the Legacy Team.

Ive been online for over 2 years now, surfing, chatting, building relationships, advertising, LOOKING FOR THE PLACE WHERE I BELONGED. And I found it, now I’m home :)

I’ve known the guys for about an year and I would have never thought that one day Ill be one of them Some people make plans and its good, set goals for themselves, I have never dreamed about being a Legacy girl. Not because I didn’t want to be, just because it seemed such a long shot. Why me?

But I liked them and I fell inlove with the programs and the personal touch approach of their business. And I helped,
whenever I could and however I could, not because they asked me to, but because I wanted to and because it just felt

And they have taken me as their support staff and 3 months later made me a part of their dream, not because I asked them to, probably it felt right for them, too :). They bought and sent me a top notch laptop that I never asked for.

So this is the kind of a relationship I trust and believe in, don’t ask, give, don’t expect, offer. And that’s what we
have, that is why I believe in this team with all my heart.

I was reading something the other day, and a quote stuck with me “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” – Tony Gaskins.

They didn’t hire me to build their dream, and Ill work my head off to build OUR dream.

Thank you for the trust, musketeers. :)

Lets rock and roll, Legacy Style!