Is Big Idea Mastermind a Scam? The facts may show so!

Big Idea Mastermind Scam

Is Big Idea Mastermind a Scam? The facts may show so!

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this program. Everybody jumps for joy. But is it “the real deal”?
Let’s have a look at the facts.

Keep in mind that most of the ones advertising the program have never had any results and they would say anything to convince you spend your money on this.

They don’t care if you invest your last penny in this.

One thing is certain: once you’re in, you’ll have to spend more and more of your finances and hope for results. But this is not an issue as long as the results would come.

The owner of Big Idea Mastermind! is Vick Strizheus. You probably knew that.

What you may have not known is that Vick (Vitaliy) Strizheus has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for theft, back in 2009.

This video explains everything:

He also had at least 3 other online businesses in which he took peoples money and closed everything down or transformed them into something else. Check out Global Success Club, 48 Hour Cash Club and 7 Figure Marketing School.

The internet is full of complaints of members that, apparently, lost thousands of dollars. I have read about 50 complaints before writing this article and I could identify 2 main methods that, it seems like, Vick Strizheus was / is using to rip off his members:

  • Only a few, or even none, of the affiliates’ sales were credited to the seller (most of the members didn’t even know that they had made a sale, as it was not shown into their accounts).
  • Members’ bank accounts were charged even after they had opted out.

The loss of each member was from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Here are a few complaints, but, if you search on Google you’ll be able to find loads more:

Example #1      Example #2      Example #3

I’ve been online for quite a while and I have been scammed a few times, too. It is not a pleasant feeling, at all. Especially after you invest a lot of your time & money and you discover that it was in vain.

It is up to you, if you would like to join this Bis Ideea Mastermind! or not. I’m just presenting the facts so it should be easier for you to make a decision.

For those promoting this so called “business”, do it only if you are 100% sure it is genuine. If you manage to subscribe others, you are responsible for them, too, as long as they dont fail because of them, but because of a product that you recommended. This kind of things can change lives, but not all the time in a good way.

Please share this information, if you consider that it can help others.

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