Is Keyword Planner Better Than Keyword Tool?


Is Keyword Planner Better Than Keyword Tool?

Google announced several months ago that they will replace the well-known Keyword Tool, that most of us have been using for years to conduct our keyword research, with a new piece of software, the Keyword Planner.

But, is this new tool better than the previous option?

I have tried the Keyword Planner for the last few weeks and these are the conclusions I have gotten to:

The Keyword Planner integrated almost all of the features that Keyword Tool had and not only that, but it seems that the data is more accurate, therefore, more reliable.

You now have the option to run virtual tests and predict how your campaign will do: how many clicks you will receive, how much you will pay for each of them, what your position will be on display, for each keyword and so on.

I would like to mention that, after you wonder around for a few minutes, you will pretty much know where to find and how to access each feature. The interface is very intuitive and user friendly.

There is something missing, though: Keyword Planner won’t let you target the traffic from specific devices, like mobile phones, tablets etc., yet. They say that they are working on it.

Another thing that looks a bit different is the “Avg. CPC” column that replaced the old “Approx. CPC”column in Keyword Tool.

Also, the two columns “Local Monthly Searches” and “Global Monthly Searches” have had their place taken by only one column, Average monthly searches. In order to get the search information regarding a local search, you have to specify a certain country or city that you are interested in. For global search, simply select “All locations”.

The Keyword Planner makes it easier for us to get access to the most important information when it comes to keyword research and setting up an AdWords campaign. It combines both, Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator, into a new powerful platform.

To answer the question, “Is Keyword Planner Better Than Keyword Tool?”, I think we all agree that it definitely is.