Is the Private Lesson Source!

Private-Pro-List Is the Private Lesson Source!

Michael Sklutovsky, creator of, is getting the skating community up to speed where marketing in 2013 is concerned. Skating professionals now have the opportunity to advertise and market themselves in a new way.

PrivateProList, officially launched in March of 2012, is a website dedicated to matching professionals giving private lessons in a variety of sports with members of their local community. Simply by typing in zip codes, rink names, or pro names, those looking for private lessons can search a database of coaches and find a good fit for them.

The website helps potential students get to know the coaches in their area. It also helps coaches advertise their services, without the worry of solicitation.

The main focus of is to promote private lessons from private pros. A service like is a good tool for anyone. It helps find coaches, look at their bios and fees, and contact the coaches directly.

Initially the thought was about doing just figure skating service, but then it was decided not to stop there. At this time PrivateProList  includes pretty much any area of art, music, sport, personal training, or academics, where private lessons are offered.

“In many fields of one on one instruction, there is no advertising available besides word of mouth or business cards. Skaters, for example, can’t go into a database and look up who works at a certain rink. With my website you can. This website becomes a big billboard, anyone can see you.  Then, I also have connected my website to rink’s websites. For instance, I connected my website to Champions Skating Center’s website in Connecticut. When someone visits the rink website and clicks on ‘skating coaches’ they are redirected to PrivateProList, which automatically pulls all the coaches that work at that facility. Michael Sklutovsky said.

Now students are informed. With they can quickly look up a coach, see how many years theyve been in the business of teaching, their area of expertise and how much they charge.