Profit-List’s History Line (2013-2014)


Profit-List’s History Line (2013-2014)

We started in April 2013. We had taken the domain name and hosting approximately a year before, but we simply did not have time to invest in it until last year.

It was supposed to be a blog that would review the new programs and online opportunities, but we realized that this wouldn’t really help the online marketing community, not in the way we would have wanted to.

We would have been just another voice among other few hundreds of thousands out here to shout about what works and what doesnt, who is a scammer and who is genuine and so on.

We are pretty good at generating traffic so we decided to let everybody know how we do it. We prepared 10 lessons that would be emailed to those interested in getting more visits to their blogs, sites. All they have to do is subscribe to our newsletter.

But we could do even more about that to help and internet marketers would benefit from our traffic, as well. We allowed those interested to post as guests on our blog and add their links. We also created a web directory where they could add their sites and get another “do follow” link.

Adding an article or website to is an easy task as you just have to fill in some simple forms. And it is all free.
Again, this doesn’t stop here. All the submissions are also shared on several social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit etc..

We also organized a few writing contest with prizes in cash, website traffic, Tweets and more.

This was pretty much we could do at this point. At least this is what we thought.

Once our list got to several hundred contacts, more and more enquiries were coming regarding different aspects of online marketing: how to promote ClickBank products, what the best hosting is, how to use Facebook or Twitter, how to train myself, where to find the best affiliate products, how to make money with PTC, SEO, how to start my own blog and many, many more.

Of course, we already had some recommendation on the website, based on the products and services we had had already tried. But this was far from being enough.

So, we added a Training Section: audio, video and text (eBooks in PDF format) that anybody can listen to, watch or read for free.

This seems to have been of great help for loads of people, if we consider the huge amount of “Thank you”s we started receiving shortly after that.

Close to the end of the year, we started running all kind of online marketing tests and we were informing our subscribers about the results, through blog posts or newsletters.

However, what we consider to be our greatest gain in 2013 is that we made a lot of friends. We would like to thank all of them. Whatever you need, guys, we’re here for you! :)

Now… about the plans for 2014 we know for sure that we will do our best to improve our services and keep offering the same interesting, good quality information as in 2013.

We will organize even more contests with even better prizes.

Another thing is that the will become a membership site (free membership, to start with) at one point. This is mostly because the license for some of the products in the training section asks that they are made available inside a membership area.

There are also other changes to be made, but they all depend on the success of the previous ones, se, we will let you know when the time comes.

In the end… we asked our members to send us some information about how 2013 went for them and what their plans for 2014 are. We received the following replies:

In 2013 I finally started to make money with Online Marketing because I invested some money and started to build a list. In 2014 I want to expand my list.
Herbert Schnepp

2013 has been a really good year for me online helped immensely by someone who has become my very best friend. I have gained more confidence and focus. I have a list of sites such as Sweeva that I visit each day and once I have been through that list I go onto other online stuff such as sending mailings. I have also tried to become more social and intend to build on that for 2014 including doing more videos.
Keith Butterworth

In 2013 I managed to start a new website and get some traffic to it. Im working on second e-commerce website now and I plan to launch it in 2014.
Yury Kaptsevich

I had my first sales on ClickBank in 2013 and in 2014 I’m looking forward to improve my marketing techniques. Training myself is therefore one of my priorities.
James Collard

I have tried several programs in 2013 and made a small amount of money online, but I do consider it to be a good start. I learned that I have to concentrate on one niche at a time, especially when you are not very experienced in online business, and this is what I will do in 2014. I definitely made a lot of friends (and this includes you, too, Constantin and Corina from Profit List).
Thomas Rendler

I invested a lot of my time in promoting PTC programs in 2013. It started working much better after following your advice. In 2014 I think I will build my own blog and continue on the same niche to see how it goes.
Manish Pathania

In 2013 I started using social media to market my affiliate programs. The results are coming and I will keep doing it in 2014. I intend to buy my own domain and start my own website. Also, I will allocate a few hours every week for learning more about what other marketing strategies I can use and how to implement them.
Luka Albin

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