Small Online Marketing Guide (6 Dos and their Don’ts)


Small Online Marketing Guide (6 Dos and their Don’ts)

The Small Online Marketing Guide is a collection of basic best practice methods and advice to help you succeed in developing your internet business (they can also be applied offline, most of the time).

There are 6 things that we all should be doing, with the opposite 6 things we shouldn’t do, in both our online and offline activities, on a personal and business level also.

The tips presented in this internet marketing guide will help you keep your image clean and gain the respect of others.

1. DO say what you mean

DON’T make things look better than they really are and don’t let the others be misled, as this will damage your credibility in the long run.

2. DO mean what you say

DON’T say something just because you know this is what people want to hear, speak your mind, even if not everybody agrees with you. Better a bitter medication than a sweet poison.

3. DO admit you’re not perfect

DON’T pretend to know everything and don’t be afraid to admit and accept your flaws. This only makes you human. Stick to what you know ask for help when you need it.

4. DO give credits and thanks

DON’T forget, when you ask for help or when it is simply offered, to thank for it. Everybody likes to be appreciated, just like you do. And when you do that, remember point no. 2 – mean it! :)

5. DO learn every day and better yourself

DON’T stay in your comfort zone. Do the ‘Plus 1 everyday’, as Jon Olson says (<<< credit given ;) ), because you’re not perfect (see point 3), but you can be better. This is the only way to go forward; you don’t want to be left behind, do you?

6. DO put passion in everything you do

DON’T do things because you HAVE to, do them because you WANT to.

This is it!

As you can see, they are not some hidden secrets, kept locked in some heavy guarded safe. I could even say that they are common sense and instinctive rules. But, for some reason, most of the internet marketers do not follow them.

Print the information in this Online Marketing Guide out and go through the points whenever you have difficulties in your activities. I assure you that it will help you find the best solution to the problem.

Just give it a try!