YouTube Kids – An Application “Made For Curious Little Minds”


YouTube Kids – An Application “Made For Curious Little Minds”

The need to make YouTube a better place for kids has propelled Google to introduce the YouTube Kids app. This application is tailored towards providing parents with a safe platform for their little ones. The app has parental control features that enable parents to set timer in order to limit the amount of screen time children spend on the app, disabled search completely and cap the volume.

YouTube Kids SearchYouTube Kids app has a voice search feature for those who are too young to type. It is a typical children oriented app with larger graphics and less visual distractions. YouTube Kids app provides a safer platform for youngsters who want to explore videos . This is due to the fact that it is restricted to family – focused content. YouTube Kids’ interface features large images,  colourful icons and carefully curated launch videos on the home page.

YouTube Kids app has secured a well  established viewers among children. Eight million of them are already using the app. They are now relying   on online content and don’t need to wait for programme schedules of traditional television. Due to its wide acceptance among families with children, YouTube has announced the need to expand it on LG, Samsung and Sony smart phones and tablets in 26 countries. This has provided a new way for more people to exclusively watch YouTube content.


YouTube Kids InstallINITIAL INSTALLATION: After the YouTube Kids app has been installed and launched, a brief splash screen usually appears. The splash screen describes certain features about the app and prompt the user to select the  group the kid is in. Once you select an age group, you will be prompted to either turn in app-search  on or   After the screen splash, the user will be introduced to the parental lock mechanism. The mechanism has a default combination of passwords which can be changed by parents during the initial installation.

YouTube Kids HomescreenPADDING SUGGESTED VIDEOS: Once you have made the final selection during the installation, you will be redirected automatically to the home screen of the app. The options at the top of the screen can be used for navigation. The options lead to suggested video contents, music, educational videos and a section called “explore” which is a suggestion mechanism that links to new channel or content. Each options can be scrolled into and select a channel or video to watch the content.

YouTube Kids Grown UpsCUSTOMISING THE SETTINGS: This is a unique feature of YouTube Kids app. Within the app setting menu, There are two important entries- timer and settings.  The timer is the parental control mechanism that enables parents to reduce the amount of on screen time their children spend when using the app. A timer of 10 minutes can be set. When the programmed time elapses, the app locks until a parent pass-code is entered. With these features in place, thee device can be passed to your kids so that they can explore educational and other interesting kid videos on the app.

Parents  who don’t have dedicated devices for their young ones may choose to pin them into the YouTube app. This will prevent them from wandering around your device.